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Nov 6, 2008

G-shock Unveils New G-rescue Series

The new G-Rescue Gulfman (G9100R-4) captures G-Shock toughness in the vivid orange color associated with elite search and rescue missions. It is the perfect fusion of rugged features and specialized uses featuring water, shock and rust resistance, with an easily detected orange color to assist those who risk their lives for a living.

The titanium case back, and screw pins, that penetrate the band joints completely, are rust and corrosion resistant. Special titanium alloy button shafts offer an additional level of rust and shock resistance. For superior comfort and durability, the deep waved band releases stress from the tight fit that can occur with a wet wrist…

Oct 14, 2008

Casios New Rose Gold G-shock Series Is The Ultimate In Style And Technology

Casio America, Inc. introduces a new premium G-Shock timepiece collection — the Rose Gold Series. The new Rose Gold series offers a trendy combination of rose gold accents matched with matte black IP (ion plating). Impeccably designed with toughness and technology, the MT-G, GIEZ, GW700BRJ-1A, and GW1800BRJ-1A, all feature Non-Stop, Tough Solar Power and Self-Adjusting Atomic Timekeeping technology. Each timepiece remains uniquely distinct, sophisticated, powerful and tough.

Non-Stop, Tough Solar Power — A tiny, solar panel combined with a large-capacity rechargeable battery enables a variety of energy-hungry functions to operate smoothly…

Oct 10, 2008

Richard Garriott Prepares For His Space Adventure!

In just 2 days time, on Sunday 12 October, Richard Garriott will blast off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan aboard the Soyuz TMA 13 rocket for his week-long adventure in space, and he will be taking with him the first watch ever designed for use in free space, the Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk.

Once docked with the International Space Station, Richard will have a hectic schedule of activities, ranging from scientific experiments designed by NASA and the European Space Agency creating a "zero-gravity" art show!

Richard's training has gone well, and his website has fascinating details of the arduous program he has undergone…

Oct 6, 2008

The New Advanced Casio G-shock GWM5600

Casio America, Inc. introduces, the GWM5600-1, which is another testimony to the origin and ongoing evolution of G-Shock toughness. Reminiscent of the first G-Shock, with its classic square shape, ultimate shock-resistant design and forged stainless steel case back, the GWM5600 is destined to become another classic.

In addition to classic good looks, the GWM5600 possesses Tough Solar and Multi-band 5 Atomic Timekeeping technology housed within an even slimmer profile square case than the original…

Sep 30, 2008

The Seiko 49er Speed Challenge

Since 2006, SEIKO has been the main sponsor of the International 49er Class, one of the fastest and fastest-growing classes in Olympic sailing. Through this agreement, SEIKO has assisted the growth of the sport and has supported the future development of 49er sailing through the supply of funds and equipment to the new generation of sailors. In return, SEIKO has gained valuable insights into the needs and wishes of the top athletes in world sailing,

and is incorporating this knowledge into each new generation of Velatura, its marine watch collection.

The 49er at speed

To a 49er sailor, speed is everything…

Sep 22, 2008

Seiko Leads The Industry For Environments

SEIKO WATCH CORPORATION is pleased to announce that it has completed its RoHS* program by voluntarily extending compliance with the EU Directive to all mechanical watches and strap type bracelets, which are not necessarily subject to the Directive. In 2006, SEIKO led the industry in achieving compliance with all its quartz watch production. As of August 2008, this compliance extends to all models, of all movement types, in all brands…

Sep 20, 2008

Movado And Derek Jeter Host New York City Event To Introduce The Limited And Special Edition Movado Series 800™ Derek Jeter Chronographs

Movado Derek Jeter Steel Chronograph Series 800

Movado and Derek Jeter hosted an exclusive event at The Four Seasons Restaurant in New York, NY to introduce an exceptional collection of Limited and Special Edition Movado Series 800™ Derek Jeter Chronographs. Movado worked closely with Derek Jeter to develop the Movado Series 800 timepieces.

Being the exceptional strategist that he is, Derek collaborated with Movado’s Design Team, providing valuable input into the development of his four groundbreaking new Series 800 models…

Aug 29, 2008

Seiko's 2008 Campaign: Arctura, Spring Drive And "Me."

In September, SEIKO Watch Corporation is launching its 2008 campaign on a truly global basis. In outdoor, print, on-line and broadcast media, the campaign will primarily showcase SEIKO's newest star collection, Arctura, but will also feature SEIKO's other Elite collections, Sportura, Premier and Velatura as well as the ground-breaking Spring Drive collection.

In 2007, SEIKO launched the “Me.” campaign. It is based on the insight that, for a majority of people and especially younger men, one's watch is more than a functional accessory; it is an expression of one's personality…

Aug 13, 2008

Spice Up Fall Fashion With New Colors From Casios DW6900CS Classic Collection

Casio America, Inc. introduces a new model from its shock and water resistant G-Shock line, the DW6900CS. Vibrant electric colors and smooth glossy finish add a new school twist to the old school classic G-Shock DW6900.

Available in three trendy color combinations, stealth black with neon green face and accents (DW6900CS-1), hot pink with silver face and black accents (DW6900CS-4), and the attention grabbing white with teal face and electric blue accents (DW6900CS-7). These new DW6900CS remain rooted in G-Shock toughness and technology…

Aug 13, 2008

Casio G-shock Announces Spike Lee Signature Watch

Casio America, Inc. has teamed up with critically acclaimed film director and producer Spike Lee to release the Spike Lee signature G-Shock watch, DW5000SL-1. Designed to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of G-Shock, this collaboration ignites a G-Shock movement into diverse and culturally relevant spheres.

An avid G-Shock fan, Spike Lee included G-Shock in his 1995 film Clockers and recently created a short film celebrating G-Shock’s 25th Anniversary. For the past quarter century G-Shock and Spike Lee have both been pioneers in street casual apparel, so their relationship is befitting…