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Oct 16, 2012

Fortis Introduces B-47 Mysterious Planets Limited Edition

Fortis B-47 Mysterious Planets Limited Edition

In co-operation with the architect and designer Prof. Karsten Krebs a watch with a jumping hour was created. “Mysterious Planets” is the name of this automatic specialty.

The hour numerals jump up unexpectedly and coincidentally in one of the five dial windows which symbolize the orbits of the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter around the Sun…

Jun 4, 2011

Fortis Introduces B-42 Flieger Big Date Models

Fortis B-42 Flieger Black Big Date

The classic B-42 Flieger Day/Date is now also available with a big date indication. The FORTIS B-42 Flieger Collection is extended with two new models: B-42 Flieger Big Date Steel and B-42 Flieger Black Big Date.

FORTIS created its own version of a Big Date, calibre F2014, which in addition to the big date indication also allows the display of the day in English or German. The glass case back, guaranteeing 200 m /20 bar of water resistance, opens the view into this fascinating movement.

The functionally designed, either PVD black coated or brushed steel case topped by a double coated sapphire crystal, has a diameter of 42 millimeters…

May 11, 2011

Fortis Introduces The Exceptional Ladies Collection

Fortis Official Cosmonauts Chronograph Diamonds

Not only do men love a reliable companion on their wrist and at the same time can appreciate the intrinsic values of the mechanical movement ticking away inside.

The reliability of an automatic mechanism, which winds up with a few movements fascinates men and women alike.

To mark the 100th anniversary FORTIS has not forgotten the ladies. One can enjoy every hour with the distinctive FORTIS ladies' watches and design line. The enthusiastic lady finds herself in good company knowing that FORTIS has already manufactured ladies watches for Tiffany's in the 40's…

Aug 10, 2010

Fortis Art Edition Mattern


Fortis introduces 2012 pieces of individually numbered, automatic Limited Art Edition MATTERN watch.

„Our time is characterized by technology that dominates our lives with complexity, helpful in many fields of work, manipulating in the media, monitoring in surveillance systems and deadly in weapons development."

As an artist who transforms these facts into contemporary images Michael Mattern since 1989 uses technical shapes and functional logics. That does not concern the exterior, the visible form of the technological subject, it's the inner incurrence process that produces the basis he works from. That is how he extends the constructivism of contemporary shapes…

Mar 26, 2010

Fortis Releases Limited Edition Of The B-42 MarineMaster Chronograph Alarm C.O.S.C

Fortis B-42 MarineMaster Chronograph Alarm C.O.S.C

The B-42 MarineMaster is one of the most prestigious Fortis ranges of models, established already in the 40’s. Like its historical forerunner the latest model line the B-42 MarineMaster collection, which offers a Day/Date, Chronograph and the C.O.S.C. certified Chronograph Alarm, feature highly precise Swiss mechanical movements with automatic winding. It fulfils all requirements of professional sports watches.

The broad fluted turning bezel is the most recognizable trait of the entire collection. A double coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal allows perfect legibility not only underwater…

Mar 26, 2010

Fortis B-47 Calculator GMT 3 Time Zones Limited Edition

Fortis B-47 Calculator

Comfortable and highly exact Swiss micro-mechanics in symbiosis with the classical slide rule function. A Swiss watchmaker was the first to find out by thought about the relation of numbers and the way to control them in the system of the logarithms.

Jost Bürgi, born in 1552 in the Swiss canton St. Gallen, conceived the base of the arithmetic system, which was a must and the basic tool for every engineer or architect and many other technical occupations until 1969: The slide rule, squeezed out by the battery-operated pocket calculator of the 70s, at the same time, when the quartz watch took over from the mechanical watches…

Jan 21, 2010

Fortis Announces Spaceleader Limited Edition 2012 By Volkswagen Design

Fortis Spaceleader Limited Edition 2012

Already today, futurologists define the automobile future of the 3rd millennium. A result of these visions poured in form is the FORTIS SPACELEADER CHRONOGRAPH by VOLKSWAGEN DESIGN: A team consisting of creative heads at Volkswagen Design and experienced watchmakers and technicians of traditional Swiss watch manufacturer FORTIS developed a contemporary chronograph together, equipped with a premium automatic movement with the forward-looking name SPACELEADER…

Nov 4, 2009

Fortis Introduces B-42 Flieger Black Collection

Fortis B-42 Flieger Black Chronograph

The adventures of the 21st century are based on the progress that has been made in technology and the ideas, that will extend the frontiers of humanity from land to air to the last final step, outer space. The established Swiss brand FORTIS, well versed in the history of aeronautics and space travel, uses its knowledge for developing precise chronographs for pilots, cosmonauts and astronauts. As the supplier of numerous professional flight squadrons and as the manufacturer of the official watches of the Russian space program, FORTIS keeps constantly in touch with pilots and space travellers…

Sep 7, 2009

Fortis B-42 Black Black Limited Edition

Fortis B-42 Black Black

Presented for the first time in spring in Basel,  The FORTIS B-42 BLACK BLACK will not only appeal to purists among the watch lovers. The Titanium case, coated black in PVD, houses a Swiss automatic movement with day/date indication (20 bar/200 m water-resistant)…

Jul 17, 2009

Fortis Unveils MARS 500 Limited Edition Watch

Fortis MARS 500 Limited Edition

Exactly forty years ago, millions of people worldwide have enthusiastically followed the moon landing. The great race between the superpowers brought the first human beings to the Moon in 1969. Today specialists from different nations work at the plan to fly to MARS.

When in the year 2030 the crew members of the first mission to the red planet will climb into their spaceship the stage was set by the ambitious research projects of today. To commemorate this first European - Russian MARS mission aiming at the simulation of a real flight to the red planet this limited watch edition MARS 500 was issued…

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