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Jan 23, 2014

Swatch Expands Pastry Chefs Collection With DREAMCAKE Watch


Sara Hochuli is a most extraordinary pastry chef and Maître Chocolatier from Zurich (Switzerland). For the Swatch Spring 2014 Collection she has created DREAMCAKE, the spectacular Swatch Pastry Chefs Special.

What is sweet? Not exactly a taste, it’s more like a sensation, a source of endless and varying pleasures and a universe all its own. The masters of this universe are pastry chefs—artists, magicians, conjurers of secret delights. Switzerland's Sara Hochuli is one of the best, so Swatch turned to Sara for a master class in the art of mixing sweetness and light…

Jan 9, 2014

Swatch Dedicates SWEET VALENTINE Watch To Valentine's Day


SWEET VALENTINE is a heartfelt explosion, a confession, a revelation of how you feel. It's a message with an invitation—try me, taste me, let your love bubble up to the surface. You'll be swept away on a merry-go-round, you and your sweetheart—hang on for the ride!

SWEET VALENTINE (SUOZ168) is covered with red and white candy cane stripes. Running straight up and down on the strap and the case, they bend to form a heart at the center of the dial. And to make sure your Sweetheart gets the message, there's a transparent, wide-open heart engraved on the inside of the glass…

Jan 8, 2014

Swatch Unveils Sistem51 Collection

Swatch Sistem Blue

With SISTEM51, Swatch has opened up an exciting new world. The first mechanical movement ever to be made not by hand, but on a fully-automated assembly line, SISTEM51 was presented to an astonished watch industry in April of this year. Now, the first four models are here, and the voyage of discovery can begin!

There is much to explore in this intriguing new world. Unprecedented technological innovation (17 pending patents) enabled the development, in less than two years, of a self-winding mechanical movement with only 51 components in five modules. SISTEM51 is 100 percent Swiss made and features an exceptional 90 hour power reserve…

Jan 13, 2008

Swatch Snowpass

Swatch Mister Twin SUKB400

Advanced wireless technology turns SWATCH Snowpass watches into fashionable wrist-wear passes for easy access to ski lifts and slopes. The system is fun, easy to use and saves time by allowing skiers to spend more time on the slopes and less waiting in queues. A proven solution at more than 700 ski and leisure resorts around the world…