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Apr 8, 2010

Hamilton Presents The Limited Edition Of Khaki X-Landing Watch

Hamilton Khaki X-Landing

The Khaki X-Landing takes the emotions on a nostalgic journey back to the first all-metal aircraft of the 1920s, and the rationale on a trip co-piloted by a feature for measuring the top of descent (TOD). The Khaki X-Landing provides pilots with precision and style in a sophisticated GMT chronograph, with design touches reflecting the materials and structures of the early metal planes. This duo of limited edition watches passionately tel s the story of an aviation tradition in the language of today…

Mar 15, 2010

Hamilton Introduces New Pulsomatic Watch

Hamilton Pulsomatic

The year 2010 marks the fortieth birthday of the world’s first LED digital watch, made by Hamilton. The American brand is celebrating the invention of the technology that revolutionized the watch industry with the new Hamilton Pulsomatic, a digital timepiece with futuristic design. This watch fuels the spirit of the digital age with Swiss craftsmanship in the form of an automatic movement, to appeal to wearers who love the fact that time never stands still…

Mar 15, 2010

Hamilton Time Player

Hamilton Time Player

Hamilton took inspiration for the Time Player from a design the company originally created for a clock in the Stanley Kubrick movie, 2001 : Space Odyssey and brought it back to earth. For centuries, man believed that the earth’s surface was flat. Hamilton playfully revisits this idea with the Time Player watch, in a design that is resolutely contemporary and inspired by a society constantly on the move, taking change in its stride.

A totally flat 48 mm by 42 mm titanium case is split into nine squares, eight filled with movable counters and one left empty like a sliding puzzle…

Mar 4, 2010

New RailRoad Watches From Hamilton

Hamilton RailRoad

The new Hamilton RailRoad series takes the American brand right back to its proud roots, to the end of the nineteenth century. That was the time when Hamilton earned the title of ‘The Watch of Railroad Accuracy’, by providing railroad staff and passengers across North America with accurate and reliable pocket watches. The designers of today’s Hamilton RailRoad wristwatches have transformed this proven heritage into contemporary chic. Connecting the past, present and future is an uncompromising commitment to precision to ensure that modern timekeeping stays on the rails…

Mar 25, 2009

Hamilton Announces New Ventura Elvis Anniversary Collection

Hamilton Ventura XXL Elvis Anniversary Collection

Hamilton is celebrating cultural icon, Elvis Presley, with two special models of the iconic Ventura watch, to mark what would have been the ‘King’s’ 75th birthday in 2010. The distinctive, shield- shaped timepiece, worn by Elvis in the 1961 movie, ‘Blue Hawaii’, comes in two new interpretations – a replica of the original 1950‘s model and a XXL version. The Ventura Elvis Anniversary Collection promises to contribute a new chapter to two legends.

The Ventura Quartz is a faithful tribute to the original 1957 model, which made watch-making history as the world’s first electrical, battery powered watch…

Mar 18, 2009

Hamilton Khaki X-Mach Auto Chrono

Hamilton Khaki X-Mach Auto Chrono

The Khaki X-Mach takes Hamilton aviation watches to exhilarating new heights with its facility to measure the Mach number of an aircraft, the speed it is moving through the air divided by the speed of sound under the same atmospheric conditions. This sophisticated chronograph timepiece expresses the inspiration of the skies through relentless attention to detail and bold looks reminiscent of the cockpit. The Khaki X-Mach assures happy landings for its stylish wearer, with a combination of soave elegance and mechanical fascination…

Mar 18, 2009

Hamilton ODC X-02 Quartz: A Futurist Watch

Hamilton ODC X-02 Quartz

The latest creation of the Hamilton Lab, the ODC X-02 Quartz, takes watch design to totally new frontiers. In a futuristic shaped case, appropriately modelled on the cross-section of an aircraft’s wing, this timepiece allows the wearer to be in three places at once. This is possible thanks to three separate, oblong dials, each revealing the time in a different location. The ODC X-02 Quartz already has its eye on Hollywood movie appearances with its design being inspired by the watch Hamilton originally made for Stanley Kubrick’s 1966 movie, “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

A valve-like pusher at the top of each dial enables the setting of three independent times…

Mar 18, 2009

New Khaki BASE Jump Watches From Hamilton

Hamilton Khaki Base Jump

Hamilton literally looked up to the skies for design inspiration for the new Khaki BASE Jump watches. These robust timepieces may not have a ripcord, but their appearance visually recreates the adrenalin-filled spirit of BASE jumping (jumping with an unopened parachute from a Building, Antenna, Span or the Earth). There is an automatic version containing a 2824 ETA-movement, as well as a sophisticated automatic chronograph with a 7750 movement. With their bold 50 mm cases and rugged color scheme, the Khaki BASE Jump timepieces give wearers wings when it comes to style…

Mar 9, 2009

Hamilton Announced Brand New Seaview Family Of Timepieces

Hamilton Seaview AutoChrono

Hamilton is taking its American Classic collection on an exciting voyage with the brand new Seaview family of timepieces. The first two landmarks in this line of nautical themed watches are the Seaview AutoChrono and the Seaview GMT. The new model Seaview Automatic 46 mm wil be launched in 2009. These sophisticated watches get themselves on the map by means of intricate design detail and precision functionality. With a choice of materials, from edgy stainless steel to elegant pink gold plating, and colours, there is a watch to suit every situation, on land and at sea…

Mar 9, 2009

Time To Protect The Planet With Khaki Conservation Watch

Hamilton Khaki Conservation

Hamilton unveils the Khaki Conservation, created in collaboration with Harrison Ford, to support Conservation International. Harrison Ford’s love of action is not limited to daring stunts. It also embraces his commitment to finding innovative solutions to combat the threats posed to the global environment. For more than 17 years the actor has been on the board of directors of Conservation International, a non- profit organization dedicated to protecting life on earth and to demonstrating that human societies will thrive when in balance with nature…