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Mar 1, 2010

Luminox Introduces New 50bar/500meter Deep Dive Series Watch

Luminox A.1503

Luminox has been the watch of choice for professionals like Navy SEALs, SCUBA legend Stan Waterman, the US Coast Guard, law enforcement divers and more. After 20 years of making 200 meter water resistant watches, Luminox is proud to introduce its 50 bar (500 meter / 1500 feet) Deep Dive series, a serious, certified watch for use by professionals, complying with the strict and extremely high standards of ISO 6425 for Diving watches.

Most "water resistant” watches are designed and constructed for the occasional and relatively short periods of time immersed in water…

Mar 1, 2010

Luminox SR-71 Blackbird 9080 Limited Edition Watch

Luminox SR-71 Blackbird 9080

Retired ten years ago, the SR-71 Blackbird stealth aircraft from Lockheed Martin remains the record holder for flight speed and altitude. The Swiss Made SR-71 Blackbird chronograph watches became part of the Luminox Lockheed Martin collection in 2005, and this year Luminox introduces two new versions of its well received numbered Limited Edition Valjoux Chronograph…

Mar 1, 2010

Luminox Goes Racing With Tony Kanaan Line Of Watches

Luminox A.1121

Tony Kanaan, well known Indy Racing League champion driver, is a man of action. Not only a fantastic open wheel driver, Kanaan is an accomplished triathlete and loves outdoor sports like bicycling, water sports (he lives in Miami, after all) and go-karting. When Kanaan was thinking about designing a watch that would become Essential Gear for his active lifestyle, he naturally came to Luminox.

The Luminox designers worked closely with Kanaan to make a brand new timepiece, creating a new sandwich case that will be the platform for all the Tony Kanaan watches moving forward…

Mar 1, 2010

Luminox Adds Chronographs To Its Best Selling Colormark Collection

Luminox A.3089

Luminox was requested by the officer in charge of procurement to develop the first Navy SEAL series in 1993. If a watch is durable enough for the world’s toughest elite forces, it will stand up to any other rugged outdoor use. Luminox’s best selling Colormark Navy SEAL series just got better with the introduction of a versatile chronograph series 3080. Available in the same, extremely popular 44mm size, this new Colormark Chronograph Navy SEAL comes in four versions – white, orange, green and blue, with the Luminox Light Technology (LLT) on the hands, hour markers and bezel markings all color-coordinated…

Mar 1, 2010

Luminox Releases Essential Gear Timepieces For Sea, Air And Land

Luminox A.3059.SAR

Always answering the call of the demanding professionals using the brand as Essential Gear, Luminox unveils the Sea, Air and Land - Series of timepieces. All watches in this new series are durable, legible and specially designed for real world use.

Luminox supplies professionals around the world – military, law enforcement, SWAT teams, Navy SEALs, fighter pilots, border patrols and more – so the brand has split this new offering into the different domains in which these users operate: Sea, Air and Land. All models in this 3050 series are crafted of a 44mm carbon reinforced polymer…

Oct 1, 2009

Luminox F-22 Raptor Collection Adds Version With Telemeter Scale

Luminox A.9292

As with the other watches in the F-22 Raptor series, the new telemeter version incorporates many design cues from the plane. The shape of the bezel and two of the center links of the bracelet were directly influenced by the wings of the plane. In addition, the shape of the case reflects the body of the plane and the crown mimics the engines of the plane. Finally, the numbers, colors and style of the dial were inspired by the actual instrument panel of the F-22.

To make the watch stand out even more, the case back features a detailed engraving of the F-22 Raptor.

Luminox timepieces are manufactured like few others…

Sep 29, 2009

Luminox Introduces Sentry-0200 Series

Luminox A0201

Luminox has been Essential Gear for the world’s military and law enforcement agencies since it was launched in 1989, and now the company is introducing the exciting Sentry Series.

Sentry is an evocative word – Sentries stand guard, stoic and ever-present, able to be counted on, just like this new watch. The Sentry Series will guard your time and serve you well over many years with Luminox’s famed performance. The Sentry Series is a vintage-inspired cushion-shaped watch, perfect for sporting and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as real-life Sentries on duty all around the world…

Sep 29, 2009

Luminox's New BlackOut Series: Black By Day, Blue By Night

Luminox A3051

Luminox – maker of the world’s most luminous timepieces thanks to the proprietary Luminox Light Technology (LLT) utilized in them – is proud to introduce the all-black BlackOut series of timepieces – ideal ESSENTIAL GEAR for professionals and athletes. Luminox watches are known to be Always Visible and always glow, so the notion of going dark would seem to be contrary, but not to worry, the watches still glow continuously for more than 25 years, this time in a new blue color on the hands and hour markers for night viewing. The LLT-micro gas lights are glowing in blue – Blue by Night…

Sep 29, 2009

Luminox Adds Time-Date Model To F-22 Raptor Collection

Luminox F-22 Raptor

As the exclusive timepiece licensee of Lockheed Martin, Luminox includes styling cues taken directly from the fighter jet, so that when you wear the F-22 Raptor watch, a bit of the plane’s soul comes along for the ride.

Water resistant to 200 meters, the 43mm, solid titanium F-22 Raptor Time-Date is Swiss Made, featuring a multi-jewel Swiss quartz movement with a 10 year lithium battery, anti-reflective sapphire crystal and a screw down crown with a special flip up crown protector…