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Sep 27, 2010

Orient X STI 2010 Collaboration Limited Edition II

Orient X Sti 2010 Collaboration Limited Edition II

In September 2010, Orient Watch Co., Ltd. introduced the ORIENT x STI collaboration Limited Edition II. The 38th ADAC Zurich 24-Hour Race (The Nürburgring 24-Hour Race) was held from May 13 to 16. Subaru Tecnica International, Inc. (STI) entered the race under the sponsorship of Orient Watch Co., Ltd. Drawing on its experience sponsoring STI in the same race last year, Orient Watch developed a new collaborative wristwatch for the STI team. The STI team skillfully completed the severe race, finishing 24th overall and 4th in the SP3T class.

To celebrate this excellent achievement, the ORIENT x STI 2010 Limited Edition II will be placed on sale, with just one thousand available for the world market…

Apr 27, 2010

Orient x STI Collaboration Limited Edition 2010

Orient ER1S001B

Orient Watch Co., Ltd. has introduced the ORIENT x STI collaboration Limited Edition watch.

ORIENT WATCH signed on as a sponsor of STI's (SUBARU TECNICA INTERNATIONAL) participation in the Nürburgring 24-Hour Race in 2009. For last year's race, each team member was provided with a specially developed wristwatch that maintained exceptional accuracy even under the testing conditions of the race, ably demonstrating its durability.

In May 2010, after much development work, we unveil our collaboration watch, incorporating the know-how and experience gained from last year's event. This year too, ORIENT WATCH will be competing together with the STI team…

Nov 7, 2009

Sporty-Automatic “Open Engine Sports” Watches From Orient

Orient CDB02004B

In November 2009, Orient Watch Co., Ltd. will add a new “Open Engine Sports” design to its Sporty Automatic series.

“Open Engine Sports” from the Sporty Automatic series is targeted mainly at men in their 20s and 30s. The open dial timepiece offers a new concept in sporty watches, adding another point of contact to this demographic and inviting them to visually enjoy the movement of a mechanical watch…

Aug 13, 2009

Orient Introduced Fashionable-Automatic “Moon & Star” Collection

Orient Moon & Star

In August 2009, Orient Watch Co., Ltd. introduced the Moon & Star collection as part of the Fashionable Automatic series.

The Fashionable Automatic series was developed for women in their 20s and 30s, who will be attracted to its professional quality and versatile styling. The line was designed for a variety of occasion and attire, which makes it suitable for the office as well as evening wear…

Jul 28, 2009

Orient Unveils Classic-Automatic Dual-Time Watch

Orient CDH00001B

Released in July 2009, Orient Watch Co., Ltd.'s Classic-Automatic Dual-Time watch features a newlydeveloped mechanical movement.

The Classic-Automatic line is Orient Watch’ s leading product series, combining the functional beauty of a traditional watch with modern visibility enhancements that mark the culmination of 60 years of manufacturing know-how…