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ArkLaMissWx severewx Jarod Floyd NEW WATCH ISSUED | A Tornado Watch has been issued for the rest of the ArkLaMissWx until midnight. Severe threats, including the potential for tornadoes, will likely increase over the next few hours. severewx
Zbhex7 Ouch that hurts please work an extra 2 years so I can buy a new watch
Adeola 82k Luxury hublot
m I need a new watch strap the silicone one it comes with irritates my wrist so badly
Giaus Hey Parents, is a kids smart watch too much for a 3 year old?
Hustler 𓃭  Give away ‼️‼️‼️‼️ Quote This Tweet Person with zero comment Will get this Series 8 smart watch The price is 20k OO
Sovio 🧸 Foreign, in the garage, cost a hundon, engine, vroom-vroom New watch, one of one-one, a baguette clock, AP tick-tock Foreign, in the garage, cost a hundon, engine, vroom-vroom New watch, one of one-one, a baguette clock, AP tick-tock
Puti Politicians tell them that the West is a group of bad white men sitting in dark rooms plotting against black people. What they don't tell them is that The West is their beloved Mercs, BMWs, Gucci, LV, Porsche, Breitling, BP, Total and Golf 7.
Elden Lord Buster Havoc 💗🤍💜🖤💙 So with my Vital Bracelet strap breaking I'm now in decision mode. I could get a new watch entirely. There's a better version out, and mines pretty scratched up as is. The biggest issue is because of the DiM cards only registering one watch I'd have to get more digimon too. 1/2
Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel - PNH.eth / mr_pnh.lens First brand to have globally deployed tokenized digital product passports at scale, @Breitling is the perfect example of how web3 technologies, digital ownership, and self-owned data can transform consumer engagement for brands. Yesterday I had the pleasure to share this…
jamestissot tissot James Tissot Micah, the prophet jamestissot tissot
—t Woahhh!! ka nice atong huawei smart watch/earbuds🤩🤩🤩
Grant Bot I hate smart phones but I want a smart watch
Jojo Lol I searched for best smart watch for hiking or running... ain't no Apple or Samsung in the list Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker Watch with 24 Sports Modes, 5ATM Swimming Waterproof, Sleep Monitor Step Calorie Counter, 1.7" HD Touchscreen Smartwatch for Men Women iPhone IOS Android Compatiable
Vic Kevv always snapping pics of his smart watch like it’s a Rolex 😂 Who gon’ Tell’em
Cookiekovsky My relationship with my @gonoise smart-watch is such a love-hate one. We have our ups and downs. I like analogue watches ⌚️ — classy and neat. But smart-watches do fit the mood sometimes. 🧘‍♂️
whatdidshesay *Me editing my smart watch notification settings*: not on my watch
FiFi🍃 Got gifted with a smart watch on my birthday and I'm obsessed about it 😍❤
Play_coza Playcoza Play.coza Sunday 26 Mar MotoGP Portuguese GP The new era dawns as the Grande Premio Tissot de Portugal sets in motion the biggest MotoGp season ever. Play_coza | Playcoza
INEX Watches.CA Guess The Imaginary Seiko, Louis Vuitton Gives Away Free Money, G-Shock vs. Tissot, And Whispering Watchmakers This week on aBlogtoWatch Weekly, the team is getting ready for Watches and Wonders 2023! To alleviate David’s disappointment at no new Seikos, the guys play Gues
fitness smartwatch Suman Karan Hi, can anyone suggest me a smart watch most accurate for fitness tracking for around 5k budget? fitness smartwatch
nICKs aRT Found a cool new watch it looks a bit odd, i wonder if there is anything special it can do
Silky Johnson The Hublot’s cool but my terminator’s foolish
jamestissot tissot James Tissot A Widow, 1868 jamestissot tissot
🇺🇸 Eric C 🇮🇩 👟🧋 🌎 📸 Haven’t worn/used an Apple Watch or smart watch in 2 months. Feels good not being connected all the time
kei misses joseph and maya :( I got a new watch and i’m obsessed with the colour
jamestissot tissot James Tissot Pharaoh Notes the Importance of the Jewish People jamestissot tissot
ABC Everyday Here's looking at your kid: Should I track my child's smart watch?
MasMaz Smart Watch for Android Phones Compatible iPhone Samsung, 1.7" Waterproof Smartwatch with Heart Rate Sleep Monitor, Game, Call Messages Reminder, Breath Training Men Women Activity Tracker -
Indulgent Retiree. A 'NO' vote is unAustralian It is Friday. And once again it feels like Saturday and based on that I won't go to work. I will likely eschew the pool. My new watch records me as swimming if I bump it in my sleep so even in lethargy the watch gives me credits for boisterous activity 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♂️
GunShotLocating Struthers Watchmakers are taking on Swiss watch giants from their Staffordshire workshop
jamestissot realism James Tissot Waiting for the Ferry, 1878 jamestissot realism
Swiss Ukraine Mark Espinola 🇺🇸 Swiss-made armoured car spotted in Ukraine. She keeps on ticking like a fine Swiss watch!
David Papp 10 of the best fitness trackers for monitoring heart rate
Richie Richards 🇺🇸 Breitling Introduces The New Top Time Classic Car Editions With A Trio Of Familiar Faces And One Newcome New featuring the in-house B01 movement and a new Ford Thunderbird model as a great addition to the lineup
findwithcatlog Bracelet Find with Catlog Hublot bracelet (Zahier Klothing) 💵 Price: NGN 7,000 🌍 Lagos, Nigeria 🔗 To buy & more info:
❀☮✰fairy☆❦❀ Fist thing I'm doing when i get my paycheck is buying a smart watch
findwithcatlog Wristwatch_ Find with Catlog Hublot leather (Zahier Klothing) 💵 Price: NGN 20,000 🌍 Lagos, Nigeria 🔗 To buy & more info: findwithcatlog Wristwatch_
WatchCollectingLife Introducing: Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Collection
. New watch, one of one-one, a baguette clock, AP tick tock
tissot realism James Tissot Reading the News, 1874 tissot realism
SilphArena Silph Arena Something monumental is happening! This Saturday, a Battle Tower rises in Buenos Aires! Hosted by @NidosPokemonGO, the return of large in-person SilphArena events is coming with 200+ competitors battling to be the very best! Watch LIVE at
DFWJeweler Kubes Jewelers You know what time it is! Time to get yourself a new watch. ⌚ Stop on by today to shop our extensive watch collection. DFWJeweler
EG09 apple 3C手机配件批发mobile phone accessories #EG09 smart watch apple watch ultra
🇮🇳 മഥുര കൃഷ്ണാ 💕 My new watch 😀
ITEC North East Thanks again to everyone who we spoke to today. Congratulations Phil from Nixon Saftey on winning the Smart Watch!
Tg18 apple 3C手机配件批发mobile phone accessories #Tg18 smart watch apple watch series 8
Windows10 Windows MVPBuzz Mike Halsey MVP Did you know you can use your smartphone, smart watch, or fitness tracker to automatically lock your PC or laptop when you walk away. Here we show you how
Joseph John Struthers Watchmakers are taking on Swiss watch giants from their Staffordshire workshop
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