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Apr 7, 2010

TAG Heuer Pendulum Concept: The First-Ever Mechanical Movement Without Hairspring

TAG Heuer Pendulum Concept

Like most machines, a mechanical watch movement involves four basic operations: energy is generated, stored, transmitted and regulated. For centuries, these constants of mechanical watchmaking have been performed by three complementary blocks: a power storage system with cylindrical barrel, a transmission system with pinions and gears, and a regulation system with balance wheel, spiral hairspring and escapement.

Now, to mark its 150th anniversary, TAG Heuer proudly introduces the TAG Heuer Pendulum Concept, the first-ever mechanical movement without hairspring…

Jun 24, 2009

TAG Heuer Announced MONACO LS Chronograph Calibre 12

Tag Heuer Monaco LS

Once upon a time on the Le Mans circuit, Steve McQueen was at the wheel of his Porsche 917. On his wrist the MONACO - an automatic, square, blue chronograph that suddenly caused mayhem in the orderly world of the small, round, white timepiece… A stone had been thrown into the watchmaking pond that is still making waves 40 years later. That beautiful stranger, which met with such enormous and lasting success and became an icon, deserved an offspring worthy of the same degree of popularity. Now TAG Heuer is launching the MONACO LS Chronograph Calibre 12 so that the legendary collection can have a fresh opportunity to reveal its DNA…

Apr 26, 2009

The Masters of Speed & TAG Heuer Formula 1

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Calibre S

The newest members of the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Series not only inherit the formidable timing technology and expertise TAG Heuer has accumulated over decades of intense F1 involvement. They also benefit from the hands-on input of their hard-driving F1 Ambassadors.

Like its illustrious predecessors, the new TAG Heuer Formula 1s come fully loaded with the famous TAG Heuer Six features…