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Jan 13, 2008

Swatch Snowpass

Advanced wireless technology turns SWATCH Snowpass watches into fashionable wrist-wear passes for easy access to ski lifts and slopes. The system is fun, easy to use and saves time by allowing skiers to spend more time on the slopes and less waiting in queues. A proven solution at more than 700 ski and leisure resorts around the world.

Each SWATCH Snowpass watch is fitted with a unique RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) microchip that responds only to a unique laser-engraved identification number. SWATCH Snowpass and similar SWATCH Access watches use RFID technology and software to offer an increasingly broad range of innovative access and ticketing applications.

Swatch Mister Twin SUKB400

Swatch Mister Twin SUKB400

SWATCH Access watches are finding application in soccer stadiums and amusement parks as well as in public transportation. Two of the new Swatch Chrono Plastic models also feature Swatch Snowpass technology, for easy access to ski resorts. Reddish Black and Fine Engine has been launched on markets.

In Switzerland, the popular fashion watch and jewelry maker has introduced a new service offering even greater convenience for owners of Snowpass watches. Before heading up to the mountains, they may purchase tickets to international resorts online, from the SWATCH Snowpass web site at

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