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Sep 23, 2009

Oris BC4 - The Ideal Pilot’s Companion

Time is the most important element in aviation and is at the core of almost every decision a pilot must make when it comes to navigation and fuel endurance.

At first glance the new BC4 “Der Meisterflieger” has everything you’d expect from one of Oris’ mechanical masterpieces: the case in the shape of a flight instrument, prominent vertical crown, black dial with white numerals and the innovative strap and folding clasp. Look again and you’ll see what makes this watch different.

Oris "Der Meisterflieger", BC4

Oris "Der Meisterflieger", BC4

With minutes, rather than hours marked on the dial, and the Regulateur movement with its stand-alone minute hand, the Meisterflieger offers the clearest minute readability of any of Oris’ pilots’ watches. The prominent vertical crown allows a pilot to set the minute scale on the inner dial ring as a timer.

“Der Meisterflieger” is presented in a pilot’s flight bag with a kneeboard and pencil, an aviator map and flight plan forms. It’s the ideal pilot’s companion.

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