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Aug 2, 2013

G-Shock Unveils New GDX6900 Watch Models In Large Case Design

Casio GDX6900FB-1

Casio introduces a perfect balance of strength and style with their new suite of oversized classic 6900 models - the GDX6900 collection. Continuing in the tradition of true performance innovation, G-SHOCK has turned their attention to the ever-popular 6900 model to make it almost 10% bigger; pumped full of additional features for a new generation of both G-SHOCK and basketball fans alike.

Due to the large number of customer requests, G-SHOCK has spent the last two years reengineering the iconic 6900 model into a large case format - no simple feat. Increasing the watch’s size means increasing its weight, and therefore the shock incurred when dropped…

May 7, 2009

Casio G-Shock X L-R-G Collaboration

After two successful highly sought after collaborations, Casio G-Shock has partnered with Lifted Research Group (L-R-G) to create another limited edition L-R-G X G-Shock; the DW-6900LRG-2. The classic DW-6900 combined with the distinctive L-R-G style makes it the perfect collaboration. “This watch was inspired by Obama blue. This is a color that symbolizes hope. L-R-G, G-Shock and Obama are all a sign of the times, pun intended,” said Jonas Bevacqua, Co-Founder and Creative Director, L-R-G…

Oct 10, 2013

Casio GB-6900B and GB-X6900B Watches Feature Smartphone Connectivity Via Bluetooth 4.0

Casio GB-X6900B

Casio announced today the release of the GB-6900B/GB-X6900B shock-resistant watches. These new watches support Bluetooth v4.0 with low energy wireless technology enabling pairing with a smartphone to control a smartphone music player from the watch, or adjust watch settings from a smartphone.*

Last year, Casio G-SHOCK released the GB-5600AA and GB-6900AA watches that can communicate with an iPhone or AndroidTM smartphone, which enabled features such as an audible, vibration and display notification on the watch when there is an incoming call or email, and auto synchronization to time data received from a paired smartphone…

Apr 1, 2008

The G-shock Mt-g Hybrid: Metal Twisted G-shock

Casio America, Inc. introduces a new premium G-Shock watch - the MTG-1000 Hybrid Design. Incorporating the G-Shock toughness with sophisticated design, the MT-G Hybrid breeds the perfect balance of stainless steel and resin to deliver the ultimate level of shock resistance…

Mar 10, 2010

Casio Announces New G-Shock DW6900CB Collection

Casio G-Shock DW6900CB-4

Fusing cutting edge fashion with a classic aesthetic, Casio America, Inc. introduces a new model from its shock and water resistant G-Shock line, the DW6900CB. Modernist mirror faces backed by rousing electric color combinations and a glossy finish have transformed this G-Shock into an attention-grabbing, collectible timepiece…

Aug 2, 2010

New G-Shock DW6900SB Collection Reflect Style

Casio G-Shock DW6900SB

Delivering a distinct fashion statement, Casio America, Inc. introduces an extension to the Mirror Face Collection from its shock and water resistant G-Shock line, the DW6900SB. The rich metallic bodies paired with mirrored facades add a refreshing twist to the most recognized G-Shock DW6900 style and continue with Spring 2010’s wildly popular first generation of Mirror Face Timepieces…

Apr 19, 2010

Casio And In4mation To Introduce G-Shock GLX6900X-2 Watch

Casio G-Shock GLX6900X-2

G-Shock and In4mation team up for a fourth installment collaboration watch. After three highly sought after collectibles, G-Shock and the Hawaiian-based boardsport brand have fused the latest G-Shock toughness and technology with the In4mation alternative design concept in the GLX6900X-2.

Irreverently clad in sleek gray with yellow and red accents, the GLX6900X-2 remains rooted in In4mation’s surf heritage. Harmonizing with the surfer lifestyle, the G-Shock In4mation chronograph features 200M water resistance, low temperature resistance, tide graph and moon data graph for the ultimate in tracking high and low tides…

May 28, 2009

Casio G-Shock Reinvents The Classic DW6900

Casio America, Inc. proudly introduces a new digital watch from its shock and water resistant G-Shock line, the GW6900, a new twist on the best selling G-Shock shape in the U.S. Market. Bringing cutting edge advancements to the people, the GW6900 combines both toughness and technology.

Available in three trendy color combinations, stealth black (GW6900-1), eye-catching white (GW6900A-7) and fashion statement yellow (GW6900A-9) the GW6900 features advanced Non-Stop, Tough Solar Power and Self-Adjusting Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeepingtechnology…

Mar 9, 2011

Casio Releases Eco-Friendly Timepieces G-Shock GR7900EW-7 And G6900EW-7

Casio G-Shock G7900EW-7

Casio America, Inc. proudly releases its second installment of the Limited Edition Go Green Project, an environmentally friendly series of G-Shock watch models. The collection features two new G-Shock timepieces GR7900EW-7 and G6900EW-7 with recycled paper packaging and advanced solar power technology.

High gloss white bodies with evergreen accents add personality to the Go Green Project…

Mar 9, 2011

New G-Shock DW6900NB Mirrored Collection

Casio G-Shock DW6900NB-7

Both a high performance timepiece and fashion accessory, the new DW6900NB collection is the latest edition to the G-Shock family. The new DW6900NB revamps the classic G-Shock DW6900 with rich metallic finishes and reflective mirrored dials.

Built on the brand’s foundations of toughness and technology, the DW6900NB is available in four metallic colorways: jet black with silver mirrored dial (DW6900NB-1), metallic lime green with a green and purple LCD, metallic eggplant (DW6900NB-4) and crisp white with a black reverse LCD (DW6900NB-7)…

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